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Labor Legalizing Services - Entrustment Management Services
You want to expand business activity, wants to participate in the new project. You want to spend more time on strategic activities capacity building your strengths. You also want to have more time to upgrade yourself, but want to expand their business while trying to maintain the activities are.
22/02/2018 02:02:43

Labor Services – HR Services Solution.
A large number of staff with experience in many fields as: accounting, secretarial, HR, assistant storekeeper, interpreters, welders, mechanics, electricians and workers in the construction sector construction, manufacturing of electronics, foods, building materials concrete ... the recruitment,...
22/02/2018 02:02:13

Contractor Services, Sub-contractor services
Services performed by subcontractors, independent contractors reduces the use of direct labor, enhance competitiveness and promote development, today subcontractor services, diversified contractors to help you minimize the risk, have been optimized for advice on staffing issue, to bring...
22/02/2018 02:02:33

Outsourcing Services – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Outsourcing Services – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) means the outsourcer delivered to a receiving unit manufacturing outsourcing perform one or several stages to produce a commodity product standards to be agreed by both parties.
22/02/2018 02:02:36

Seasonal Labor Supplying Services – Seasonal Worker
Seasonal Labor Supplying Services – Seasonal Worker is a solution to meet the shortage of workers for seasonal of the Company, where the seasonal orders rise but regular worker could not performing all of work, then, you needs the extra seasonal worker with existing regular worker to implementing...
22/02/2018 02:02:14

Staffing Services - Labor Subleasing Services
In the trends of your company wants to expand, develop and still want to operate as a lowest manning headcount, or short-term project, seasonal project, or your regularly employee had been working overtime more than 200 hours per year. The solution to solve this issue is provided by Vilado Co.,...
22/02/2018 06:02:28